Media consumption habits are changing. Time spent on social media is on the rise with TV in decline. Marketers have taken note, shifting an increasing amount of advertising dollars to digital. In fact, 2017 marks the first year that digital ad spending eclipsed TV spending. Given this backdrop, finding the right social brand influencers is an increasingly important and impactful part of a company's overall marketing strategy.

However, this can be a difficult task. Some common challenges include:
  • Funding very expensive celebrity/macro influencers to satisfy reach targets
  • Building an organic grassroots marketing effort centered around micro influencers is research intensive and time consuming
  • Inability to search, discover, and evaluate influencers in a systematic way at large scale
  • Lack of transparency regarding an influencer's audience base
  • Engaging influencers with mismatching target demographics


We're building the most comprehensive, analytically rigorous, and transparent influencer search and analytics platform to help brands tackle these challenges. With ParseIQ, brands can now easily locate and evaluate influencers of all shapes and sizes in any region across the globe. Research that used to take weeks, now only take minutes.

A Case Study in Rag & Bone

For the past few weeks we have been tracking influencers on Instagram who have posted to the hashtag #ragandbone. These influencers are plotted as blue dots below. We then used our platform to find non-ragandbone-affiliated fashion influencers that outperformed the blue trendline. These influencers are plotted in red. Based on our findings, the average distance between the two trendlines is roughly ~5%. Or thought of another way, by using our platform, Rag & Bone can find influencers that would increase its average hashtag engagement rate by 5% and therefore, its marketing ROI. Essentially, more bang for the buck.

Brands with nationwide and global footprints such as Rag & Bone may also find our geolocation search particularly helpful in finding localized influencers. Here are a few sample searches:

Current status

We are currently in beta, looking for brand partners that see our ultimate vision and share our philosophy that data should be transparent, analytically rigorous, and actionable. Brands and companies willing to partner with us early on will have wide impact in shaping our product roadmap and developing feature requests centered around their specific needs and goals. We've only just begun to scratch the surface on the type of insights we can generate with our proprietary datasets.

Product detail

ParseIQ is an influencer search engine with deep mining and analytics capabilities. Our aim is to help companies find the perfect micro and macro influencers for their brands.


Cut through the noise with search incorporating millions of data points.

  • 45 million influencers and 1B+ data points. We're constantly adding new content to our database, with over 1,500 data points added every minute.
  • Search for an influencer by instagram handle, keyword (fashion, stylist), #hashtag, city or country.
  • Powerful filters to sort and refine your search results.
  • Add new influencers by clicking our "add now" button.


Evaluate influencers based on data driven analytics and insights.

  • Analyze an influencer's core statistics including engagement rate, reach count, growth rate, and post frequency.
  • Visibility into an influencer's reach and audience base with gender, age, and lifestage statistics.
  • View locations where an influencer has been most active in terms of posts and engagement.
  • Get updated data on an influencer by clicking "refresh data".

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